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Argentina Valiantly Withstands Unfounded Intervention

Although Men In Politics is not usually dedicated to the plight of nations, an injustice has been committed against Argentina which should be discussed.

The Flama, an entertainment website dedicated to Latin American culture, uploaded a video yesterday that revealed details of an unnecessary intervention suffered by Argentina at the hands of other Latin American countries. Argentina shows unbreakable spirit as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and especially Brazil make their cases against the country of Messi and the choripan.

The plight of Argentina's self-love being branded as an "addiction" is a grievous injustice which has thankfully been documented by The Flama. You can watch the video below.

"Some of the things you say make it very hard for other countries to like you," said Venezuela as she read out her letter. Argentina said nothing of the inherent hypocrisy of that controversial country making judgments on the popularity of others right now, but instead asked for examples.

"We're proud of our countries but we don't make a big deal out of it," said the Dominican Republic. Argentina retorted that these countries didn't even wear their flags to shower. What's the point of being from an awesome country if you can't even talk about it? When the Dominican Republic wins a World Cup title, or even qualifies to play in it, we can talk.

No matter what Argentina said to make its case, the other countries immediately got offended and refused to listen. The fact is that Homer's voice on The Simpsons is way better in Spanish than it is in English: Argentina admitting that Mexico is the best cartoon translations (and better than Argentina at something) was a generous thing to say.

Photo via YouTube (Screenshot)

Luckily our baby brother Uruguay wasn't dragged into this (although his picture was used as a guilt trip for some reason) and neither was Chile. Otherwise, it might have become a case for the international judicial system.

Argentina eventually reached a compromise and graciously vowed to be more considerate when telling the other countries how great Argentina is.

"I get it. The pride I feel about being an argentino can sometimes be taken for arrogance and hurt people's feelings. I promise that in the future I will be more considerate when I remind you how Argentina is better than all of your countries. When I tell you it is the most awesome countries in the world," concluded Argentina while singing "Vamos, Vamos, Argentina." It should have brought tears to their eyes but sadly, it didn't.

The interventionist, dressed in a simple outfit of black shirt and jeans, that acted as "mediator" and was apparently the brains behind the whole thing, has yet to be identified.

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