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Comăneci: "Kōhei Uchimura wouldn't even be on the podium competing against female gymnasts.

Nadia Comăneci, the world-renowned gymnast best known as the first to ever receive a "perfect 10" in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, has caused a bit of a stir by saying that Japanese gold medallist Kōhei Uchimura wouldn't stand a chance if he had to compete against female gymnasts in the Olympics.

"I mean, he wouldn't even be on the podium. That doesn't mean that I don't think that he's an incredible gymnast, I do," said Comăneci in an interview

Source: The Japan Times

Source: The Japan Times

Uchimura has won seven Olympic medals and is considered by many, including Comăneci, to be the greatest gymnast of all time after becoming the first (male or female) to triumph in every all-around title in a single Olympic tournament. For Comaneci, however, that would not be enough.

"On any given day, Uchimura could beat some gymnasts. I believe so because he's so incredibly strong mentally and he's been in the Olympics several times but if he performed in the female circuit, he'd be at the bottom for sure."

Comăneci's memoir goes on sale tomorrow.


"Men In Politics" is a satirical section of Coriolismo, mimicking the way that the media covers stories including, and the way men talk about, women. This story was brought to you by John McEnroe and his comments on Serena Williams.

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