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Looking back: June 3rd 2019

Looking back at the past week with a photo or a selection of my favourites shots along with my thoughts and impressions.


Hello, corionautas! This week was the annual Ni Una Menos march: this year I went to the plaza Congreso without following any column in particular, as per usual. I talked to a bunch of lovely people (I even got an oversized denim jacket that I am now obsessed with) and couldn't help thinking that this was one of my last times on the street like this before I move to New York in August.

So just before I had to head home, I made a point of asking a street vendour to take a snapshot replicating one from that first Ni Una Menos march four years ago and, looking at it afterwards, I thought it made for quite a fun throwback. Toggle between them below and see for yourselves.

It's not just because of the obvious differences, such as the fact that I now have short purple hair, it's quite striking to think how much my perspective and my relationship with feminism has changed since my sister took that first picture in 2015.

I've always said that the best thing about the first Ni Una Menos march was that it made me feel feminism on a visceral level for the first time. I already considered myself a feminist: I had studied it at university and of course, gender equality should be a thing! But the first Ni Una Menos really opened my eyes to the scope of the problem and they've grown wider and wider ever since. With that in mind, the green scarf lined with the rainbow flag; the tongue-in-cheek graphic tee; how comfortable I feel alone there; these visuals and their meaning which are everyday to me now would have been almost alien to 2015 me. I wonder what I'll have incorporated in future that I have no idea about today.

Just a stark reminder that our perspective isn't just affected geographically but also by time: a cliché thing to say, "hinsight is 20/20" and all that but seeing these two contrasting images of me was quite strange!

And now, a few more pictures fromt the march, enjoy!


What did you do on June 3rd? Any thoughts on your own feminist journey or changes you've seen in yourself over time? Let me know!

Qué hicieron por el 3J? Alguna reflexión sobre su propio camino feminista o cambios que han notado a lo largo del tiempo? Cuéntenme!

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