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Looking back: vegan eats and winter solstice

Looking back at the past week with a photo or a selection of my favourites shots along with my thoughts and impressions.


Hello, corionautas! Looking at my photos over the past week (I've been trying to delete as much as possible) I've realised just how many photos of food are on there. This week in particular, we tried out a vegan mac and cheese recipe which we absolutely loved. It is so, so good. No cashews or potatoes (although I did add some mash that was leftover from the weekend), just basically almond milk and nutritional yeast.

Since I was allergic to milk as a child and was pretty traumatised by Chicken Run when it came out, I'm genuinely surprised that I haven't gone vegan sooner. Let me know if you want to know more about my journey with vegetarianism/veganism, but for now, I'll share the recipe. In order to pretend that it was somewhat healthy, I cooked some small broccoli florets and mixed them in when reheating the leftovers.


Then on Saturday my partner and I went to a winter solstice party hosted by a dear friend of mine. Many things happened that could have thrown the party off kilter, but we had such a good time, lighting a fire at 02:00 and swigging homemade orange liquor in a circle. Ironically for the winter solstice, it was a remarkably bright night: clearly, our gathering had something to do with it.


Do you celebrate the winter solstice? Any thoughts on veganism? Let me know!

Qué hicieron por el solsticio? Alguna reflexión sobre el veganismo? Cuéntenme qué les parece!

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