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6x6 challenge: Week Three

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Going into week three now: that means we're almost halfway through!

As promised last week, I'll be going into the outftis this time: one particularly observant corionauta asked me about the numbers on the "Six Items" doodle I posted on last week's update. This was basically a calculation based on Daria Andronescu's "Wonder Wardrobe" of how many outfits I needed for the six weeks. By taking into account the amount of work and going out combinations I would need and the amount of times I would gladly re-wear an outfit, the grand total came to 14. Fourteen. That's it!

As an aside, I should also say that even with how versatile the pieces are and the fun I'm having with combining them, I repeated the same outfit three times in a row last week (the romper and white Converse) for three distinctly different occasions. I just changed jackets and honestly, it made a huge difference. Thankfully I love, and am still enjoying, wearing these items.


So without further ado, here are the outfits! I didn't style or picture every outfit possible, I just thought I'd show you the more distinctive combinations. Despite that, there are over 14 outfits here, which is what I need for the whole six-week period! Going through the slideshows, I've counted 16 combinations from the actual items alone. Bear in mind that I used the same pair of shoes, earrings and watch throughout, but that just donning a different jacket could make a new, distinctive outfit using the same elements.

First, let's take a look at some of the simpler outfits, created by using the items as is: the romper, the dress and the white T-shirt together with the trousers. This also shows why I picked these items in a way: a) the colours are the ones I wear the most and b) because I enjoy simple. monochromatic outfits. Click on the gallery to see the pictures up close.

And now...the combinations! Let's look at examples with comments I made in the second of these updates last week. I had said that the romper had often been mistaken for black trousers when I wore it with a sweater on top, so I decided to embrace that in this challenge and just began wearing the tops over it.

Now for the dress: I can use it as a top and a skirt, which I love. Like the romper acting as trousers, it almost feels like a cute little fashion secret. I could also use it as a vest, which I honestly haven't tried yet because I don't tend to wear vests, but actually quite like how it looks!

I also mentioned that I could use the graphic tee back to front to get a plain white's me in all white and some more cool combinations with the white trousers (did I mention how much I love the fit of these?).

Let's end with one by surprise: I'll admit that I squealed when I realised I could wear the white trousers on top of the romper!

What did you think?

What six items would you choose and how

would you mix and match them?

Let me know in the comments!


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